Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

The loss of a pet can be truly life changing. Nothing can really prepare us for the huge impact it will have on your life, whether it is from a decline in health or a sudden accident. We all wish our beloved pets could pass away pain free while they sleep, however in many cases it does require an owner to make a very hard decision taking into consideration what is best for their pet and what is best for the family.

It's really important to take special care of yourself and your family after a pet has passed away. Understand the grieving process and know there are many resources available that can be beneficial and help you through the weeks following. Share your news with friends who can help you and understand your grief and be able to support you. The pain you feel over the loss of a pet is natural, they are a part of your family and a source of unconditional love and companionship and the loss of this relationship can be devastating.

We are here to assist you through this sad time and you will find below some information for guidance and understanding.




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