We have certainly had a busy couple of months. 

We have certainly been blessed with some wonderful locums over the past few months and they have really helped relieve the pressure from Dr Sheyne and Dr Maddie. Dr Ben is now coming n a regular basis, so if you would like to continue to schedule your regular appointments with him please let our reception staff know when making your booking and we can advise you  of his upcoming dates.  He regularly does one month off and one month on.  A big thank you to Dr Ben.

Dr Maddie is expecting her second baby in November, so she will be taking maternity leave from September 1st for 6 months.  One of our wonderful locums or Dr Sheyne would love to take over the care of your fur babies whilst Dr Maddie is on leave.

Nicki has been manning the reception desk for us over the last 5 years.  She has completed her Veterinary Nursing Certificate, been our “go to” for all design and facebook creations.  We have joined her celebrating her Engagement, Wedding and all of her awards with Trix and Leo and certainly let’s not forget her Miniature Ponies and Archie and Nemo.  She certainly is a busy, busy lady and she strives for Excellence in all of these areas. 

Well now she is embarking on the biggest challenge yet – Motherhood.

Yes, after a lot of hoping, medications, procedures and lots of support from her family, friends and her Bayview Family, Nicki and Aaron are expecting their first baby in December.  Nicki will begin her maternity leave in November.  I am very confident that Nicki will excel in this challenge as well and will be the best Mum anyone can be.  She may just need to teach Trix and Leo to share her around though. !!!

Winter has been an unusual one, some days cool and wet and other beautiful and sunny.  This has brought about a few rare cases for time of year  of Paralysis ticks and snake bites.  Please ensure your tick prevention is up to date.  Please call the wonderful reception staff for a product that suits your pets needs.