Why Vaccinate

Dogs and cats become part of our families. They make us smile, laugh and sometimes even cry. These special family additions want your love and attention. Some dogs may want more attention than most cats but they all look to you to take care of them. Taking care of furry family members includes taking care of their health. There are real and life threatening viruses that your pet can contract. Preventive treatment is better than reactive treatment, this is especially true with viruses that have serious effects or even without cure.

Core and Non-core vaccinations

The core vaccinations fight viruses which are an ongoing problem in New Zealand, and given to all dogs and cats. The core vaccinations protect your pet from serious illnesses. There is more information on the specific viruses and the symptoms on our website in our dog vaccinations or cat vaccinations pages.

Non-Core vaccinations

Depending on where you live in New Zealand, your pets movements and whether or not you intend to travel will determine the need for non-core vaccinations.

When to vaccinate

When a kitten or a pup is still suckling they will have protection from the antibodies in their Mom’s milk. Antibodies start to wear off after weaning. This leaves the furbaby at risk of contracting viruses. Vaccinations generally start between 6-8 weeks of age depending on when suckling stops.

Breeders need to provide all the relevant details to pass on to your vet. The information helps to set up a vaccination schedule. Shelters and animal rescue organisations are not always able to give you the full history of an animal. In these cases, your vet can advise on the best course of action. Complete physical exams are carried out before every vaccination. After the vet is happy that your bundle of furry joy is healthy they will administer the necessary vaccinations.

For details on the schedules for vaccination please see our detailed dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations pages.

What is a vaccination

Vaccinations are used to promote the development of antibodies against diseases. The polio virus was a serious problem for humans, before the vaccination was created. Thanks to the antibodies created due to the vaccines, polio has been eradicated in most parts of the world. Dogs and cats have their own deadly diseases we need to prepare their bodies to fight.

Scientifically modified versions of a virus is introduced into the system of your pet. It triggers the immune system to create the proteins known as antibodies. These proteins protect your animal from certain viruses.

Are vaccines safe

We take every precaution to make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable, it is our top priority. Of course nothing is completely risk free. The vet will answer all your questions and address any concerns you have. Only animals that are in a good state of health will get an inoculation. The vet may reschedule if your four-legged loved one shows signs of illness or fatigue.

There are some minor side effects to look for when you take your little one home. They will be a little lethargic, may run a slight fever, and discomfort or slight swelling at the injection site and this is nothing to worry about. If symptoms persist or seem more than you expect reach out to your vet.